Monday, October 26, 2009

A new pair of shoes

Hard to believe i've worn out a pair of running shoes already. I've logged somewhere upwards of 300 (all be it slow) miles in my Adidas Supernovas (140 since getting my Nike + a few months ago, so maybe way above 300) and they are definitely on their way out. I'm actually quite sad about it, seems silly, but these are my "first" running shoes, and they took me from "0 miles" in 2008 to "300+ miles" in 2009. Amazing to think about that. Hard to believe they were once this colour too! Knowing a bit more about how I run, and on good recommendations, i've decided to switch to Asics Kayano 15's - a bit more support and a bit more cushioning to see if that will help with my shin splints.

And with these new running shoes comes an announcement too. I've decided to run/walk the Honolulu Marathon in December. I don't know how long I am going to be here, and this is something I want to do, so i've decided to go for it, and if i'm still here next year, I'll try and beat my time. My goals are similar to my 1/2 marathon goals - To finish.

The Honolulu marathon is a good one for me to start with too - the line is open for 12 hrs, there is no limit on entries and there is a walking component. 20,000-30,000 people enter each year and I guess what concerns me most is that ~5,000 of those drop out each year. I don't want to be one of those. Being realistic it's going to be a run/walk rather than a run, and I would like to do it in 6hrs, which with my 1/2 marathon time, should be possible. Most of all, my major goal, is to have FUN.

And before you ask, yes, I have been following a marathon program and have been doing so since August, just in case I decided to do it. It's been hampered somewhat by my various infections, but for the most part i'm doing "okay" at it. Today I ran 16 sluggish miles. But I had fun and don't feel too much like death. In two weeks I will run another 1/2 marathon, along the same course as the one i've done, so it'll be interesting to see how I go. I'm not sure my time will improve much as I really have had too much time "out", but it would be great to be less nervous, to not have a stitch most of the way through and to be more comfortable with my eating/drinking strategy.

So here I go....another month another goal......!


nicola@which name? said...

awesome rhian. i don't know many other people on you willing to challenge themselves to learn or do one more new thing quite the way you do. you are a smart, skilled, creative, and athletic individual!

LSULiv said...

Wow that's awesome! 100% support from out here! Sam said that if he could do anything differently, he'da trained more... so by his standards, you're well on track :) Wish I were there to cheer you on, but I am in spirit!!

LSULiv said...

Oh PS-- there's a guy in my class who's a serious runner (sponsored by Nike) and said that shoes should last about 400mi, so you're right on target with the new kicks :)

RGW said...

Yeah, but your nice young man was a fit military man recently, whereas I was a fat marine biologist recently.....:0)

After not dying on the half, I know i'm not going to die on a full, but would really like to have fun, so am squeezing in as much training as possible without overdoing it, the weeks out have definitely been detrimental to that plan though......and the multiple chocolate bars I ate today.....:0)

As for the challenges, it's my short attention span that does it, have to keep trying new things...:0)

kmk said...

That is great! If I ever do a marathon, it will be the Honolulu Marathon too.