Saturday, October 3, 2009

A week in the Life - Saturday - last day!

Well, the last day of one full week. It's been a weird week, so not as helpful to me as I hoped, but still interesting to try and think back each night on what went on in the day. Not a productive week, hectic as usual but just in a totally different way.

Morning - woke up at 6.30am, so desperately wanted to go back to sleep but wouldn't happen, made a cup of tea and took it back to bed. Answered a couple of work emails, emailed with my friend Laura for a while, checked up on blogs and facebook. Got out of bed at 9.30am, breakfast of two english muffins with jam, orange and pineapple juice. Put dog cookie dough into the breadmaker to knead, went to the post office then went and vacuumed and powerwashed my car, it had been a while...:0) Came back, rolled, cut out and baked the dog cookies. Lunch of a tropical smoothie and some carrots with goats cheese.

Afternoon - Sanded the bottoms of some pottery, vacuumed. Left the cookies to cool and headed into work. Literally just sat down at my computer when Jenny called - her car had broken down, and though her husband rescued her and Hannah and brought them home, they needed to go and jump start the car and Hannah had fallen asleep. So went and sat with Hannah the doggies while they went, she woke up literally 5 mins after they left, but that was okay, we got some snuggle and play time. Luckily the jump start worked! I headed back, but decided to head home rather than work, did a bit on my lectures, but mainly doodled on the internet and Amazon ordered some books (work related mainly). Ate an ice-cream bar and a popsicle, hot and sweaty day, and the more I stay at home the more random food I eat, not because i'm hungry, just because I am there. Sigh.

Evening - Headed back over to Jenny and Dougs, picked up a pizza on the way over that we shared over a few beers. Caught up which was nice. Talked about my upcoming Big Island trip (with my dad and his wife), Jenny has been there a lot, so it was great to get her opinions. Came home, watched a little trash TV, did the washing up, cleaned up my eye (looking oh so much better, but still too icky to go for a run, which sucks more than I ever thought it would) and am now in bed and am going to watch a little netflix (Grey's Anatomy) before dropping off . It's pouring out there, so cool tonight, maybe i'll sleep better.

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