Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last week

Tuesday - Tuesday night Dad and Sanchia came back from Maui and we went to a Luau with Laura and her parents. Was fun!

Beautiful sunset
Lots of Hula and good food!

Wednesday - We did a drive around the island.

Monk Seals at Sandy's beach. These seals are native to Hawaii and though once threatened, are coming back in numbers.
Monk Seals at Sandy's beach.

The Pali by Chinamans hat. Though a cloudy day, still beautiful.

Spot the surfer - Pipeline. The waves weren't huge, but big enough for some surf.

...enough to catch Dad out while rinsing off his sandals.......Waimea Bay.

I just like this shot. The kid on the beach at Waimea and the heads in the water showing how large those waves really were.

The outcome, a soggy father!

And the evening at Haleiwa beach park. See the pictures of turtles below - the beach still has not failed me for turtles!

Thursday - a beach day.

And a day of trying out the cocktails at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.....:0)

So family have headed back to the UK, it's back to work and reality. One week until my undergrad teaching begins. Gulp!


nicola@which name? said...

beautiful, rhian. really beautiful. the drinky drinks look tasty too. great catch on the photo of your dad getting soaked!
bella told me this weekend she is missing you. :)

bsa said...

Oh Rhian, Your photos are just lovely. We are having perfect Fall weather here right now, but nothing beats Hawaii. You Dad really did get the 'royal tour'.