Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend yet?

What a week - I would say definitely time for the weekend, but this weekend, i'm up before 6am on both Saturday and Sunday! Tomorrow Jenna has a practice SAT starting at 7.30am, so i'll take her there and then head into work to continue either moving or writing lectures. As much as I feel i'm dying for a lie in, it'll be good to get a head start on the day. Around lunchtime i'm then helping out at the SOEST Open House. Today we had 4000 kids come around - ish! It was fun though, lots going on, and it's good to pass on what we do to the public.

Sunday I am running in the Komen Race for the Cure with Jenny, and potentially Hannah in the stroller, but Jenny hasn't decided as yet. I had little Hannah for half an hour today while Jenny helped with the "Earthquake" simulator. She yelled for about half of that, poor thing has two teeth pushing through.

The other exciting thing of today is that I got locked out of my office - amazingly I didn't lock my keys inside (a common issue with me and keys), but the lock actually broke. The maintenance guy climbed through the roof to let me in, and then they came and repaired the lock for me. The move is exactly where it was a few days ago - half there. I'm actually using my new office, and all the big stuff is in, but all my books and papers etc. are not. Maybe i'll get to it this weekend. I have 4 of my 13 lectures written, which is good. I've done all the hard ones, now on to Deep Sea Biology, Coral Reefs and Invertebrate Zoology - all subjects I'm familiar with and enjoy, so i'm hoping those will go quicker.

Hope you all have a good weekend - big hugs to the Kings in particular, hope your weekend is restful and enjoyable.

My old office - knowing I was moving I didn't tidy for a while.....

My new office, a real office rather than a cubby, and even a window!

And, because it was there, the awesome sunset tonight!


nicola@which name? said...

good luck on sunday! hoping you get to relax a bit this weekend.

bsa said...

I am thinking of you today as you run. Three cheers for you, Rhian! The sunset is beautiful--matching one that we enjoyed here last evening. Remembering to enjoy watching this glorious clolor ranks right up there with remembering to 'smell the daisies.'

LSULiv said...

The new office looks great- how nice! Thanks for the sunset shot-- it has been so rainy and yucky here that I appreciate those all the more. And best of luck on your runs!!! :)