Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call for Quarters....

Since I moved over the Atlantic 5 years ago (5, time flies!) I've been collecting the state quarters for a few people and pulled them out today to add in my latest finds. I realised that i'm missing some of the earlier quarters, so I am posting to see if anyone out there has any of the older ones lying around in jars, piggy banks or jeans pockets that they'd be willing to part with.

Does anyone out there have -


I'm also missing some of the ones from this year, but figure they will turn up in the next few months - Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska.

Thanks for checking those nooks and crannies!


bsa said...

Congratulations Hawaii! I didn't check but I think your request coincides with the issuance of the last quarter--Hawaii!

Well done! I'll do what I can to look for your missing ones. Did you get a new issue today?

RGW said...

They released on the 3rd, so pretty close and it's been in the news which is why I finally pulled out my folders to put my piles away, first time i've done it since I first moved!

I didn't get a new issue, but i'm sure they will turn up in change pretty soon!

PleaseRecycle said...

Do you care which mint they are from? I will look in all the places they may be hiding- my big jar of coins, my car, my desk.

RGW said...

Any mint is great - thanks!

nea said...

i will check! i have a tin full of change due to be rolled!