Sunday, November 23, 2008

Positively spacious!

Welcome to Grodnick! I finally measured my tiny house the other day, and it comes to a positively spacious 323 sq ft! Actually much larger than I had thought, having the separate kitchen is a definite bonus here and a decent size (not to mention new!) bathroom. Remembering that I moved here from a 2 bedroom house with garden (and from that an even larger 2 bedroom apartment!) it is still a small space for me, but one I am really loving. Yes I would like a separate bedroom, yes I would like a spare bedroom, i'd even love a kitchen I could actually turn a circle in, but I am really enjoying finding ways to make this small space work for me, not to mention the $$'s i'm saving over most places here (though remembering i'm paying almost what I paid for the 2 bedroom house on the cape!).

So I thought i'd take you on a tour, now that i've actually been here for a long stint and have things pretty well set up.

So - the view from my front door (by the futon) -

My desk/TV area. Computer, printer and the TV which is actually a monitor, so doubles up when I need extra desktop space. I recently bought a bracket to hang my TV/monitor on the wall, which has cleared up a bunch of space, and it tilts, so it doesn't matter that it's high, I can still see the screen.
The view from my backdoor (by the bed) -

The bathroom (I can't squeeze in there enough to take a good photo of the shower unfortunately). So this recently got redone, and although it is super nice, I actually lost a lot of storage space when they redid it, so i'm hoping to find some suitable shelves for the wall. I used to keep all my bedlinen in here as well as all my towels and laundry soap and the usual toilet items. Now there is no room for the towels (if only they had made the drawers deeper!) or my linens, so they have moved to my closet.
View into my kitchen, so nice for a studio to have a separate kitchen!

View the other direction. Counter space is so small that I often use the cooker top as an extra surface, which is nice that it's a ceramic top! The cooker is slim so I still get the cupboards and things on the ceiling and wall.

The wall opposite in the kitchen - my "pantry" well organised and in canisters (left over from the cape where mice were an issue, and now good for ants and cockroaches!), the black bins are my recycling, all my gardening things are in here too on the floor tucked in the corner.

The best thing for a small kitchen - get things up on the wall!

My princess bed.....:0) Yes, the mosquitos are still biting......The bed is unfortunately on a box spring, so doesn't have much "under" room, but I do have two underbed boxes which have "present" supplies in and some pictures that won't fit on the walls here.

My large closet. This houses basically everything except my larger luggage which I have in plastic boxes under the house. So all my camping gear is in there, all my cruise gear, my clothes, my crafting supplies, my laundry and probably a few other things. It needs some major reorganization otherwise I would have taken a photo inside. I love this closet, and am so lucky to have such a large one in such a small space, otherwise I would be pretty sunk for storage...

And my way of disguising my clutter.....put it behind the chair....:0) This is part of my yarn stash, just the stuff I am using now for my many crochet projects.....

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


icapture said...

It looks (your life) pretty exciting to me. I recognized parts of Oahu and Maui (elevation sign at Haleakala) in your pictures. I also spent time at Midway Island. To say the least, I'm envious of you. :> That is a mansion you are describing… I’ll try to keep up with you

bsa said...

I loved your tour--especially the storage behind your chair!

nea said...

how did you do the blue print??!! very cool. i LOVE home tours online. i just love seeing how other people do stuff and R, you are ORGANIZED! next time you come stay, help me out, ok?

RGW said...

I've never been to Midway, hoping to get out there next year, would be neat!

Adobe Illustrator......while procrastinating over the poster I need to make for NZ......:0)

Living small has made me more organised, but yes, I am an organization freak.....anytime anyone needs help labeling i'm your gal....:0)