Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My check went in today, I have been paid; I opened a Hawaiian bank account, no I do not need another bank account, but now at least I have a landing pad before my pay goes out to my real bank account; I finished up my Antarctic physical paperwork, all sent away; I came out of the dentist and did not want to cry, this is a first in a few years; I finally got the Purchase Order through to buy a printer cartridge for my printer from the University store (this has been a week in coming, yet the bookstore is just there!); I had a haircut, pedicure and drinks and dinner with Jenny and Doug. 

In short, I had a MUCH better day. In fact I had a GREAT day....:0)

Oh....and Grant.....Doug tested out the nappies, they're man approved......

Happy Thanksgiving one and all! 

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kmk said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!aloha!!