Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Weekend!

I finished up teaching! Woo hoo! So glad about it, feeling more up today, though my house is in total disarray, so think I know what i need to do this weekend. This space is too small to clutter!

So here is the reason I didn't walk in this morning! And no, it's not unusual!

Happy Weekend!


kmw said...

What a contrast, your weather vs our post from yesterday. DW

BookyG said...

Wow, I know it sucks becuase you can't walk, but I love rain. I miss rain. Rain like that is so rare here the last time we had it, it caused a huge mud/river overflow and wiped out an entire suburb (it is a miracle no one was killed). And no one had flood insurance, because we live in the desert. Still, I miss that kind of rain.