Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One thing I enjoy as much as receiving parcels is wrapping up parcels! And it is that time of year! Here is a pile waiting for just a few more additions before I take them down to the post office. The post office has such annoying hours here it's worth waiting and taking them all in one! 

And, i'm finally feeling better! Though maybe my cold travelled through the ether to NEA and family - get well soon guys! 

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nea said...

thanks and guess what? a parcel is winging its way to you now. and know what? dang if the stuff i ordered for S didn't arrive today! i could have gotten it to you on time! oh well, i am not going to ship them to you now. the kids are doing better. bella is almost through it and finn smiled for the first time in several days today. i am headed to bed soon, though, feeling totally worked.