Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm being driven insane.....

And why is it the University only ever drives me insane when I'm about to go away, or there is a holiday looming (or in the case of now, both) and so need it to deal with things now?

My ever frustrating paycheck. The paycheck they can't possibly direct debit into my "world's largest bank" bank account, but no, they have to post my check to Chicago for someone to deposit it. Read the following with the knowledge that tomorrow is Thanksgiving (so everything is closed) and I leave for New Zealand on friday. 

I was supposed to have been paid on the 15th. I have still not been paid. I asked yesterday (after the 7 day waiting period) if my check had indeed been posted on the 14th (as the 15th was a Sat) as it was supposed to have been. I was told today (such is their willingness to look at this things urgently) after being passed to three different people - yes, I was then asked if I wanted to cancel my check. (purple is me)

"So how long would it take to get a new check if I cancelled it - can I be hand given a check by friday?" 
"I don't know" 
"Who could I ask who would know"
"I don't know" 
"Is there anyway to find out? I would really like a new check by friday, and if it means I have to cancel my check today then I need to act on that and get it done" 
"I could call someone down in the office that deals with checks" 
"Yes please" 
"Okay, so i'm going to call someone and cancel your check and see when they can get you a new check."
"No, please do not cancel my check - please find out if you can get me a new check by friday. If you can then I do want that check cancelled, otherwise I might as well wait and see if it turns up in my bank, as I won't be able to deposit it until I got back from New Zealand anyway" 

ten minutes later.......

"So I asked about canceling your check and they said you cannot cancel the check, your bank has to call them to cancel the check"
"My bank has to cancel a check it doesn't know it was receiving? A check that was addressed to me?"
"yes, it seems like it would be normal for you to cancel your check, but they said your bank has to do it?"
"are you sure?"
"Okay. How long would it take for me to get a new check, if my bank were to call and cancel it"
"They can't tell you, it would depend on how long it would take your bank to call and cancel the check"
"From the time the University was called up and cancelled how long would it take?"
"I don't know"
"I really need to know this, I need to get paid before I go to New Zealand on friday"
"I know, I just don't really understand this stuff"


......this has been my week so far (this is just an example of a whole handful of frustrations with UH over the last two days)...........NEA, that chocolate has really come in handy......


kyllimarjaana said...

Oh my . Too complicated . Here we don't use cheks eny more . The pay comes right to your bank account . Easier .

kmw said...

I cannot imagine a situation much for frustruating!!! Good luck!!

BookyG said...

How did your Payroll Officer get the job?