Monday, November 10, 2008

Goals - week 8

Well, it's hard to think i've actually been here long enough to say "week 8" to anything, that has to be a record (with of course a week out in the 'Hole in there). And another 2.5 weeks to go to before I head to NZ (gulp, 2.5wks!). 

So I think this is the point where I stop blogging on my goals, except for the odd rant and rave here and there I'm sure. I think I've proved to myself that I can indeed eat better, relax more doing social things and most of all, exercise more. Though i've never met all of my goals at once, i've done enough of a smattering of all of them, that I'm happy where I'm at. I still need to keep on doing all these things, but I think they've now become habit enough that i'm happy they'll continue without too much effort. Especially the taking lunch into work the majority of the time, I can't tell you how much happier I am doing that, both in health and wealth. 

I do feel much fitter than when I started this, nowhere near where I want to be, but i'm on the right track, it's now become habit walking into work a few times a week, going swimming on a weekend, going for a run occasionally and taking a class, which is what I wanted out of setting myself these goals. If I fall off the wagon badly, i'll be up blogging about it again to get myself back on track.....

Packed Lunches - 4
Walk to work - 1
Swimming - 1
Exercise - Aerobics class, and 2 mile run
Social - Pottery - and loving it! 
Soda - a few......need to find a new iced tea jar....I broke mine! 


Jack said...

Kudos! How long will you be traveling for?


RGW said...

I have a week conference and then ten days after, can't wait, i've never been to New Zealand!