Thursday, November 13, 2008

Running low.....

Starting to feel run down today. there's a cold going around and to be honest i'm just totally overwhelmed with stuff this week. Teaching has been fun, but I can't wait until tomorrow is done and i'm off the hook for anymore. It's just taking up so much of my time not only getting the lectures ready, but also thinking about getting them ready. I'm also trying to do too many things at work as usual, trying to get a bunch of TEM work done both for a publication and also to talk about in New Zealand. I also have some student training to do next week and I really need to get cracking at a proposal soon too, starting to worry me i'm going to run out of time. I think i've also been drinking too much coffee this week, which although gets me going in the moment, makes me feel like crap after a while. 

I'm starting to feel job stressed again too, I have just 14 months of funding left, which means either - 
a) I need to write a bunch of proposals and soon, and (much harder) I need to get them funded
b) I need to find another job, which means I have to start applying for jobs again

Sucks, feel like i'm just getting settled and already I have to think about moving on. 

On the good side, I'm really enjoying pottery, it's proving to be a real stress reliever. Here are some of my creations drying. 


bsa said...

Love your pottery! You do sound tired. I hope that you are taking care of yourself--there really is a lot of stressful stuff going on in your daily life. I am sending hugs and good wishes.

nea said...

very cool pottery. take care of yourself. we have a couple sickies here. something is definitely going around and you don't want to travel with it. :(

BookyG said...

I'm jealous of your pottery, if not your stress.